Speed up your shopping

Going to the supermarket has never been so easy and fast!


Welcome to our website! Our technology will optimize the way you do your grocery shopping in your local supermarket. Although there are several apps on the market for shopping list creation and price comparison, Toplist stands out from the crowd in two important phases.

First, our application allows you to mount multiple shopping lists that remain recorded on our server. You can assemble the list on any device - your computer, tablet, or smartphone - as well as insert extra reminders for yourself, specify your preferred brands for each product, and share your lists with other users. No paper and pen required! The best part: never again will you get home from the supermarket only to realize you forgot the one thing you particularly needed.

At the second phase, in which we depend on supermarkets collaboration, we will help you easily locate any product in the store of your choice. Especially in physically large stores, it can be challenging to find an employee available to tell you each product’s location. Our app will guide you in the store by the shortest possible path to find every product on your list. The application will also allow you to make a simple one-time inquiry to find a specific product or to be notified where you can find on-sale products. As each store joins our platform, we will provide this roadmap for you to make your purchasing smarter than ever.

Talk to the manager of your local grocery store and ask him to join to our platform. It's you who wins!

If you are a retailer and want to join our platform, please contact us!

If you are a company and want to see your products appear with your brand in our product list, contact us!


Download TopList from the app store on your phone. Register as a new user to have access. Or, even simpler – sign up using your Facebook account.


Create your shopping list here using our practical and user-friendly interface. Then, export the list to other users via their registered email at TopList. Take advantage of our many other features available on this screen. If you have any questions, simply click on the Help button – (?).


All products will appear sorted by brand as each manufacturer makes its products available on our platform. Select your desired quantity, and add any additional notes in the comments field such as "lactose-free" or "diet”. If you can’t find a product on our list, please send us a request to have it included. Use the "Contact" option in the main menu.


As more stores join our platform, we'll help you take the smartest route to easily find all of the items on your shopping list. And we’ll even help you locate all products that are on sale, so you can save your money as well as your precious time.